Saturday, 30 November 2013

Curry Leaves Rice - Kariveppila Rice - Karuveppilai Sadam - Lunch Box Recipes

Curry leaves stimulate digestive enzymes and helps break down of food quickly.  We bring you a simple recipe with curry leaves, coconut and spices. This is a quick lunch box recipe.  Try this out and give us your feedback..

Friday, 29 November 2013

Mixed Vegetable Sambar - South Indian Sambar

Sambar needs no introduction for Indians........A very nutritious dish which has the goodness of toor dal and assorted vegetables. It is served with rice, idli, dosa and pongal...Try this recipe and give us your feedback...

Biryani Chutney Recipe - Green Chutney for Biryani

Mint, Coriander and Coconut mixed chutney is a side dish for  Biryani.  This is a simple and easy recipe..Try this out...

Arabian Chicken Biryani - Chicken Biryani - Dum Biryani

Is Biryani your favourite dish ???...   We bring you an easy and simple method to make Dum Biryani at home... Try this out and give your feed back...

Spicy Lady's Finger Fry - Okra Fry - Bhindi Fry

Here is an easy  and tasty way to prepare Okra./ Lady's Finger..Okra cooked with onion and spices tastes good....Try this out...

Hot and Spicy Pepper Chicken - Chettinad Pepper Chicken - Pepper Chicken Recipe

This hot and spicy chicken recipe from Chettinadu is very famous..Chicken cooked in pepper gravy gives a distinct aroma and taste. Try this out...

Steamed Rice Cake - Kerala Puttu Recipe - How to make Puttu

Puttu is a popular breakfast dish of Kerala. The combination of Puttu and spiced Chickpeas (kadala) masala curry is awesome !!!.. Learn how to make this dish at home...Try our simple recipe...

Chickpeas Masala Curry - Kerala Kadala Curry Recipe - How to make Kerala Kadala Curry

This is a traditional Indian recipe. Puttu and Kadala curry is very famous in Kerala. This combination tastes fabulous..You would surely love this.... Try this out and give your feedback...

Ila Ada - Steamed Rice Cake with Sugar and Coconut - Tea Time Snack Recipe

Heard of making tea time snacks without oil ?? !! We are presenting an oil free snack recipe  which your kids would love....Steamed rice cake with sugar and coconut tastes awesome... Try this out....

How to make Basundi - Basundi Recipe - Kesar Basundi Recipe

Make your festivals memorable with home made Basundi (Indian dessert)..The sweetened dense milk with nuts tastes awesome .....Try this out...

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Masala Sardine Fry - Sardine Fry in Banala Leaves - Mathi Pollichathu

Worried about oil content and feeling guilty after eating fried fish ??.. Fry fish in banana leaves and enjoy the fabulous taste of an extremely healthy dish.. Fry fish using our simple and easy recipe at home..

Sunday, 10 November 2013

How to make Soft Chapati / Soft Phulka Recipe - Roti - Indian Flat Bread Recipe

Is making Phulka a challenge for you ???. Phulka / Chapati is a popular Indian dish... We bring you an easy and simple method to make it at home.. Try this out...

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Mushroom Fry - How to make Mushroom Fry - Spicy Mushroom Fry

Include mushroom (store house of B Vitamins and minerals) in your diet. We bring you a simple and easy mushroom recipe...Try this out....

Masala Chicken - How to make Masala Chicken - Spicy Masala Chicken

Spicy Masala Chicken recipe as side dish for chapathi, paratha or rice. Try this out and give us your feedback..


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Tomato Rice - How to make Tomato Rice -Variety Rice - Lunch Box Recipe..

Learn how to make Tomato Rice, a poplar South Indian Recipe in easy and simple steps...This is a quick lunch box recipe that can be made within 10 minutes...

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Friday, 1 November 2013

Gulab Jamun - Indian Dessert - How to make Gulab Jamun - Diwali Sweets

Celebrate your festivals with home made sweets...We bring you an easy recipe to make gulab jamun at home ...Try this out....

Spinach Fry - Cheera Thoran - Keerai Poriyal - How to make Spinach Fry...Indian Recipe

Add  Spinach ( Keerai or Cheera ) in your daily diet.  It has high nutritional value and rich in antioxidants..We present a simple dish that goes well with all varieties of rice..